tweak knobs
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I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince
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A stunning high res photo of Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

D'Angelo by Black Hole Sun (Cover)
05:42 my girly

fucking fuck if i make this music stuff work out for me im going to make everything in my head and its going to be so amazing like all the songs stuck up there and to wake up to my records and my instruments possibly a pretty girl an empty canvas everyday nothing to do but create and share and smoke blunts. ima fuck around and make this come true


Lifes been really blurry lately


Bela by Whoarei
Anonymous: i recently found your blog and man, you inspire me to work on my craft every day. you keep doing your thing man and don't stop. fuck man ive got tears running down my face and im drunk and alone in a new city. heres to having no friends and a dream. you have a good night.

Yo i have so much love for you. Thank you i def will continue, stuff like this makes me want to be better and make more people feel. Anyways im so consumed with work and music i hardly have many friends left and im not in a new city. So i feel for you I hope u find good people and good music and stuff. Much love